Extra virgin olive oil

We recommend that the olive oil should be consumed in the same year of harvest, and it may also be consumed raw (in salads, dressings, ...)

Olive oil from previous years is ideal for frying, as it withstands temperatures of 180 ° C perfectly. Due to the stability transmitted by the fatty acids and antioxidants contained in the oil, it increases in volume. This means that a smaller amount is needed than frying with other types of oil. Another advantage that olive oil has is that foods absorb a lower quantity than if fried using another kind of vegetable oil, because the olive forms a crust on the surface of the food thus preventing the oil from penetrating it.

If not heated excessively (if it does start to smoke-210 º C), it can be used several times and still keep its quality. However, by heating it repeatedly its antioxidant properties decrease considerably.
​Olive oil has been used for its oily qualities since ancient times.

Spoon with oil