Extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil, together with the fig, are symbols par excellence of all things Mediterranean.

The olive oil we produce is with 100% Arbequina olives. These are what give the oil higher quality and curiously, the smallest olives from which oil is extracted.

In order to obtain the oil, a cold extraction is carried out (where the maximum temperature reached is between 25 and 28 ° C). The separation of larger particles is done by centrifugation, but then it is not filtered, so the oil we get is denser and intense green in colour as well as very fruity. We only make use of the oil from the first pressing, since it is the one that yields the highest quality. In Catalonia, this oil is known as “Oli del raig”. This oil has a high organic concentration, allowing for better preservation.

To achieve this quality of oil, we take great care to ensure that the olives are at their optimum maturity, which is when they have the highest levels of fatty acids in the pulp. We also make sure that the time between harvesting and grinding is minimized in order to prevent oxidation. This data is subsequently reflected in the oil’s oleic acidity.