We are a small family business with a strong farming tradition dedicated to selling our products directly to the consumer from farm-to-fork.

We produce high quality, traditional products.

The crops that we have are traditional to the area, mainly nuts (hazelnuts and almonds), Arbequina olive trees and some carob trees. Almost 100% of the crops we have are irrigated using drip irrigation.

We have one-hundred-year-old trees, whether olive trees or hazelnut trees, but there are also young trees which have been grown to meet our production needs.

Due to the fact that the l'Alt Camp region is a major hazelnut and olive growing area, treatments are necessary to prevent the rapid spread of disease. This is the reason why we believe it is necessary to carry out such treatments and thus prevent their proliferation.

The busiest time on our land is during the months of September and November, which is when the hazelnuts, almonds and olives, respectively, are harvested.

olives, hazelnuts and almonds